What are some signs that you may need a transmission repair, how do you find an honest mechanic to repair your transmission, and how much does Transmission repair cost? 
 When you are in need of a new transmission, your vehicle may be having several problems that may require several repairs or just a minor adjustment. If you need a transmission repair, there are some things that you may want to watch for. These are that your engine light is not going off, metal shavings in a transmission pan, or your engine is making strange noises, leaks, stalls, or emits strange smells. 

Finding a good mechanic who will give you an honest estimate can be difficult, but if you do need one, there are some things that you should do so that you can get the best service possible. The first step you can do is research on the Internet to see if your car does have the symptoms of a transmission problem. Then, you start looking for mechanics specializing in transmissions. He should either be a builder or have a person working in his shop who is professionally trained in diagnostics and find out how much experience they have with transmissions. Next, you should find out if they do any diagnostics for free and find one that will test it on the roads and do a visual examination before taking it apart. 

Before you make your final decision, do a reputation check to see what kind of reviews have been written about them. Make sure that any mechanic you choose gives you a written estimate for any repairs and make sure that it includes all parts costs, labor costs, and any fluids that they replace. That is often where a dishonest mechanic will catch you. 

If you need to have any more diagnostic tests done, find out how much more they may charge for labor and if they will be in touch with you if the price changes from the original estimate. Because some shops charge different for labor and diagnostics, they will put a time limit on the amount of time they will spend on your vehicle. If you find that a complete interior diagnostic is needed, make sure that the quoted price includes putting your vehicle back together as well.

Before you have any repairs to your transmission performed make sure that it really is the transmission because any transmission repair can be expensive, depending on the extent of the repair that is needed. Typically, a fluid and transmission filter change may cost up to $150.00. However, an inspection of the transmission system can cost upwards of $700.00, but if you need to have it rebuilt, you are looking at paying anywhere from $1,500.00 to $10,500.00.

An honest transmission repair specialist will give you a quote with everything included and sometimes, depending on the extent of damage and age of your vehicle

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