Automatic Transmission

Shifting or no shifting

The Many Advantages of Automatic Transmission

Cars with automatic transmission started becoming popular in the U.S. as far back as the 1950’s. It started out due to the convenience it provides the driver of the vehicle. Driving an automatic transmission car is much easier than learning to drive a manual transmission car. These cars are now a favorite choice of most automobile buyers around the world due to the many advantages it provide. This article will highlight some of the main advantages of driving an auto-transmission car.
Driving an auto-transmission vehicle is so easy and convenient. This has led many nations such as the UK, Poland, Germany, Austria and France to stipulate that their new drivers should take the driving tests using manual transmission cars in order to obtain their driving licences. The auto-transmission car would require less driver involvement in the driving process, which makes it easy to learn by a complete newbie to driving.
The auto-transmission car would shift faster and more accurately when accelerating its speed. This is really unimaginable to a person who is used to driving a manual car. In fact, a manual car would require driver involvement at several levels when accelerating the speed. Engagement of clutches would happen within nano-seconds with an auto vehicle whereas the manual car would take much more time in engaging gears. Hence when it comes to effortless acceleration purposes, the auto car is unbeatable.
Auto vehicles are said to last longer than the manual version. The grinding of gears and the wear and tear experienced when gears are shifted in an improper manner will not be available in an auto car. This is the main reason for the longer lifespan of such vehicles. Auto vehicles are also much more powerful compared to the manual vehicle. The torque converter and planetary gear set are the main elements for the additional power of an auto vehicle.
Maintenance wise, the auto car will help save you on maintenance and service costs in the long run. Gear grinding and wear and tear on gears will require more servicing for a manual vehicle than an auto vehicle. But, when you require maintenance, the charges for servicing an auto vehicle would generally be higher than servicing a manual vehicle. Replacement parts are also priced higher when it comes to an auto vehicle.
Driving an automatic car is much safer than a manual vehicle. Both of your hands are free when you are driving an auto car, which will help to control the vehicle more effectively. This is one of the main advantages of an automatic transmission car. After all, an auto-car would take all the guesswork out of driving. The driver will not have to gauge the revolutions, in order to plan the next shift as when driving a manual car. This makes handling an auto car much more easier than handling a manual car.
The aforementioned are some of the main advantages of driving an auto car instead of a manual car. Purchase your auto car right now to derive all the above mentioned benefits.

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