A Transmission Repair is one of the most expensive services done by any mechanic.  According to Transmission Repair Cost Guide Readers, the average cost of a transmission replacement ranges from $1800 to $3400 depending on the make and model of the vehicle.  Some foreign vehicles can run even higher.  I have called around on a transmission replacement for a Mercedes M Class and it ranged from $4500 to $11,000 depending on where I went.  Same warranty, same replacement transmission.  So be careful!

You can not buy a new transmission unless you are buying a new car.

transmission repair

transmission repair

Differences between rebuilt vs remanufactured?

Rebuilds can cost just as much as a replacement depending on the extent of the damage. The upper end of the range is typically for the replacement of a high end vehicle’s transmission or a complete rebuild after a major mechanical failure.  A re-manufactured transmission refers to a gearbox that has been completely disassembled and then re-engineered on an assembly line. Each component is inspected, cleaned, and reconditioned by a technician that specializes in that particular stage of the process.

Basic repair jobs are on the lower side, from $300 to $1400. For example, fixing a manual transmission often only requires a new clutch, a $800 to $1500 job.

Warranty – What is Covered?

One of the biggest advantages to buying a re-manufactured transmission is the warranty. A good quality re-man transmission will come with a 3-year/Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty. Commercial and heavy duty applications are typically covered for 18-months/100,000 miles. Anything less should make you question the quality. Ideally, the warranty should be transferable too. That way if you sell the car during the warranty period, the coverage can be transferred to the new owner.

Ways To Save Money

Shop for the best price over the phone and warranty.  Some transmission shops charge more then others for no reason.  The warranty is the same and the work is the same.  Check reviews on Google and Yelp before selecting your repair center.  Give a review when you get good service so others know this is a good place to take your vehicle.

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