Transmission Repair Castle Rock

transmission repair shop

High Plains Transmission was developed around troubleshooting, repair and or rebuilding transmissions for all automobiles and work duty trucks.  Our goal is to maintain your transmission, or get it repaired quickly to keep you on the road.  We are the #1 transmission repair Castle Rock, Colorado.

Whether it’s a simple or a complete rebuild you can be sure we are ready to help. Our knowledgeable staff will analyze shifting issues, engine light and or poor performance to determine the extent of any damage.  Once we know the problem, we’ll devise a plan for repair and provide you with solutions to get your vehicle running as intended.

Not only do we specialize in automatic transmissions, we also repair manual transmissions for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic.  This includes clutch removal and repair for all truck and automobile.  We are able to repair and enhance driveline components for rear wheel drive, front wheel and 4 wheel and or all wheel drives.

Transmission Service vs Flush

What is the difference?  Over time, like engine oil, transmission fluid breaks down and should be replaced.  It’s important to change the fluid and filter by removing the transmission pan and make any internal adjustments to prevent premature failure.  We call this a “Transmission Service.”  A transmission flush procedure is usually done with a “flush machine” which exchanges old fluid with new.  Some technicians will put an additive into the process which breaks up particles and debris.  Since the transmission pan isn’t removed, the filter cannot be changed.  The extra debris from the “flush” remains in the transmission and may cause failure.  Debris often times interferes with teflon coated values and other internal parts, which are essential to shifting and good performance.  We see most vehicles that received a Flush experience failure and require extensive repairs.  How often should you service your transmission?  80,000 to 100,000 miles is recommended.  We recommend yearly due to high traffic and long drives increases wear and tear on your transmission.  Regular transmission services can keep the cost down in the future.