Automatic vs Manual Transmissions - Which Would You Choose?

Ask the right questions so you know which transmission is right for you!

Automatic vs Manual Transmissions – Which Would You Choose?

The power and control over your vehicle’s performance that a manual transmission can provide is definitely coveted by many people buying vehicles. Decades ago, manual transmission was the only option people had, and it wasn’t necessarily about power and performance. Even old trucks had manual 4 speed transmissions, and everyone grew up learning to drive that way.

These days, people have a choice as to which transmission they want to have in a vehicle. This has led to a divide as to what people prefer. Car enthusiasts often want a manual transmission, but families teaching their kids how to drive and also people wanting to simply get from point A to point B often chose automatic transmissions.

It is much easier to teach a learning driver how to use an automatic transmission rather than a manual or “standard” transmission. Furthermore, for a beginning driver, manual transmissions can be worn out quickly due to mistakes when shifting, which can easily strip gears and cause major problems to an otherwise working transmission.

With a standard transmission, the flywheel is actually attached to the engine, and you have a clutch, which is going to be located between the flywheel and the pressure plate. The clutch pedal is what is used for a person to switch gears.

Once a person gets used to driving a standard transmission, then it is much easier to shift without even really thinking about it. Still, you have to watch because every once in awhile, mistakes can be made when shifting still. This can make a really bad sound, and it can seem as though the transmission is going to drop right on to the ground.

It does take practice, but it makes you feel powerful and more in control of a vehicle when you are shifting gears. The gear shifting has everything to do with the speed of the vehicle as well, so you’re not just pressing down on the gas pedal, which can make a person more easily lose control. That gear starts making a noise like it’s maxed out, and it’s a good reminder of how fast you’re going.

If you have a standard transmission, you definitely want to make sure the shop you take your vehicle to is not only familiar with working on them but on your specific make and model. Each different car these days has between four and six standard gears, and there are different setups for each.

The gear shift might also be located in different places in different vehicles if you’re learning how to drive one. In the older trucks, the gear shift was attached to the steering wheel column. More often now, the gear shift is to the right of the driver’s seat, which is also where the gear shift is generally located for automatic transmissions.

It can really make you feel powerful driving a standard transmission, and the acceleration power is part of that. You can generally reach high speeds faster, and the roar of the engine sure does sound nice. It is a definite choice for a sports car that has quite a bit of power.

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