Reasons Why You Might Need Clutch Repair

Clutch repair is something that most people will dread because most people do not know what the problem actually is. There are a number of reasons why you might need a clutch repair or replacement.

A Burning Smell Or Smoke

If your car is emitting a burning smell which is similar to an electrical fire or burning rubber then you might need to have your clutch repaired. This smell may also be accompanied by some smoke coming from under the vehicle. This happens when the clutch is damaged by overheating as well as wear and tear on the plate. This problem is generally caused by riding the clutch in traffic.

Clutch Slipping Out Of Gear

If your vehicle slips out of gear completely and for no apparent reason then clutch repair is something you will need to consider. Gear slippage will happen sometimes particularly when you have a heavy load. However, the clutch could be worn and need to be replaced, or there could be a leak from the crankshaft to clutch plate which needs to be repaired.

The Clutch Is Sticking

If your pedals become harder to press or they disengage then you may have a problem with your clutch. This issue is not always related to clutch failure, but there could be a leak which needs to be fixed. The primary cause of this in relation to the clutch is that the hydraulic linkage has failed and this causes a loss of pressure in the system.

A Liquid Leak

If you have a puddle of liquid under your car which is bright red in color then you have an automatic transmission fluid leak. This liquid is not burnt up by the car during normal running and if there is a leak it will need to be repaired. This leak could come from a number of places in the transmission system and may not be related to the clutch.

Grinding Noise When Shifting Gear

If your vehicle makes a grinding sound when changing gears or there is any shaking and jerking when changing gears then you have a problem that needs to be repaired. The grinding when changing gears could be a sign that you need to replace your clutch, but it could also be a symptom of other problems. One of the other problems you could be facing is damaged or worn gears and synchronizers.

If you have an automatic vehicle you will not hear a grinding noise, but could feel a wiggle in the gears instead of a smooth transition. If the problem is left unchecked it will cause more shaking and jarring when the gears change. There are some other reasons for grinding and shaking, but it is best to have your clutch looked at.

Noisy In Neutral

When your vehicle is in neutral and it is noisy or makes a bump sound the clutch could require a simple repair. The solution to this is to add some fluid or change the fluid. If this does not work you will need to see a professional as you may require worn out parts to be replaced.