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Replace Transmission

Replace Transmission

With more than 20 years experience, High Plains Transmission has been providing high quality remanufactured transmissions. Now we are offering affordable quality units for small businesses, commercial transmission suppliers and installers, dealerships, fleet maintenance suppliers, and the general public.

Our facility has an inventory of over 100 automatic and manual transmissions and completely rebuilt units for both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive domestic, European, and Asian import cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans including four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive units and transfer cases.

High Plains Transmission can save you more than 30% on rebuilt transmissions that are more heavy-duty than factory models and keep your fleet on the road. We offer 24 hour turn around service and guarantee the quality of our work to 100,000 miles.

replace transmission

Foreign & Domestic

We service all domestic and foreign cars and trucks. It is of vital importance to automobile performance, a transmission must be inspected regularly to ensure proper functioning. When your transmission fails, your car fails and service can easily become expensive.

Automatic and Standard

A 4 speed manual transmission costs less to repair than a 5 or 6 speed transmission. Automatic transmission design is complicated. In addition to the various gears, there are clutches and tiny valves that allow the transmission to change gears automatically.

4 x 4 Transfer Cases

Many times we have recommended original equipment parts as a quality replacement. While this is still largely applicable, there are times when the original design is inferior. Fortunately, sometimes the aftermarket comes to the rescue. Use high quality parts.

Differentials & Axles

In automobiles, a differential couples the input shaft to the Pinion, which in turn runs on the Crown wheel of the diff. This also works as reduction gearing to give the ratio. On rear wheel drive vehicles the diff may connect to half-shafts inside an axle casing.

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